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Access Control

As a security company in Harlem, we are providing professional Access Control Services for business and home in the Harlem area.

We are a security camera system installer who provides a range of products and services to serve the ones who are looking for a more secure property. While security cameras, intercom systems, phone and access control systems might not prevent all crime, they can deter criminals and prevent serious tragedies from occurring.

By installing indoor and outdoor Security Cameras, you can check in on your places any time, from anywhere.

Security Camera System

A security camera system is a great asset to any home or business. While you might initially think that a security camera is not a must, they have many benefits that make them an essential part of any household or business property.

Even if you have never had a problem with stealing, break-ins, or vandalism, after you experience this situation is too late for a security camera system to be installed. Get yours today and make sure that you have a reliable eye witness account of anything and everything that goes on insight of that camera or those cameras.

Intercom System

The intercom system can help to confirm the identity of a person waiting at your door, without opening it. If you live alone or are frequently home alone, it’s a great way to know who’s standing at your door, without endangering yourself first.

Access Control System

An access control system can seriously improve the functionality of your home or business. While these are more popular among businesses, especially those that deal with sensitive or confidential information. These systems can be beneficial on any property where you want to control who can get in and when. There are different types of access control systems. Many allow a person inside the property to “buzz” a person in, by pressing a button, which opens the door, as you might see in apartment complexes. These range to advanced card swipe or video intercom system, depending on how advanced you need your system to be.

Installation/Repair Services:

  • Alarm Systems
  • Security Camera
  • Security Camera
  • Intercom system
  • Door Buzzer
  • Access Control
  • Phone System