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Door Repair and Installation

Professional Door Installation

Harlem Doors has technicians available to provide fast, friendly, and personal service. Our service professionals are experts in door repair and replacement, and are committed to ensuring your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Professional Door Repair At Your Door

Trusted, reliable, professionals separate our home repair contractors from your everyday handyman for hire. Our goal is to provide the best customer service in the door industry.

Door Repair

Sometimes A Door Must Be Repaired

If you expect a door closer to consistently close the door, the door must be able to close properly. If there is a hinge problem, a warped door, or the door must swing uphill to close, a door closer will only go so far to solve the problem. Sometimes a door must be repaired before it will close and lock automatically with a door closer.

In vestibule conditions there is an exterior door, a small space, and then an interior door. The trapped air between the inside and outside door can be a factor in door closing. Wherever air pressure is a factor, including negative or positive pressure situations, The slow swing-speed seems to give the air a chance to get out of the way and the fast latch speed gives it a very slight slam at the end to make sure it latches.

If the closer stops closing the door before it’s closed all the way, or actually spings back when you try to manually shut the door, the arm is probably installed on the shaft incorrectly.

Door Closer

Door Closer’s Arm Makes Noise
If the arm makes noise and bounces up and down while the door is in motion, tighten the fasteners that hold the arm to the closer, to the header, and at the knuckle that holds the two parts of the arm together.

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Harlem Doors has been in business for over twenty years and is the leading company in the market of repairing all types of doors including garage doors, door repair, overhead doors and glass doors, commercial and residential.  We are licensed and insured.

As a side note, our sister company Door Repair NYC offers commercial door repair as well as door installation. We highly recommend their service because like us, they employ only licensed and insured technicians. In addition, they offer service 7 days a week and will often troubleshoot your problems the same day. Most importantly, their service is exceptional and will leave your doors functioning for a long time coming at a price you’ll be happy with. Give them a call today for any commercial door repair/installation needs!