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As most of us know, safety and property protection are very critical these days. That’s why Harlem Doors offers repair as well as installation of fire-rated doors and frames. Fire rated doors, steel doors can often be repaired rather than replaced.

Are your fire doors compliant with the law? If not, your building is at risk! Fire-rated doors are an important part of your building’s operation. In fact, an operating fire door is a key component to any building, as it helps to stop the spread of deadly fire, smoke, and toxic fumes.​

But not all door repairs make financial sense—if Commercial Door Repair Harlem technician would have to spend a few hours on a repair, it may be better to just purchase a new door. Our skilled technicians are trained to properly fix and add fire doors so that people in your building can exit safely while limiting the spread of smoke and fire.

Fire Rated Doors

  1. Allow for safe exiting in the event of a fire
  2. Prevent fire from spreading to different areas of your building fire doors can be used as a regular exit when needed
  3. Protect your property, employees, and visitors from smoke
  4. Offering expertly-crafted doors that are tested for safety

Our certified fire door inspection technicians can help you ensure that your fire doors are code compliant and working properly.