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Magnetic locks

An electromagnetic lock or Magnetic locks provides locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. Magnetic locks possess a number of advantages over conventional locks and electric strikes. For example, their durability and quick operation can make them valuable in a high-traffic office environment where electronic authentication is necessary.


  • Easy to install: Magnetic locks are generally easier to install than other locks since there are no interconnecting parts.
  • Quick to operate: Magnetic locks unlock instantly when the power is cut, allowing for quick release in comparison to other locks.
  • Sturdy: Magnetic locks may also suffer less damage from multiple blows than do conventional locks. If a magnetic lock is forced open with a crowbar, it will often do little or no damage to the door or lock. There are no moving parts in an electromagnetic lock to break.


  • Requires a constant power source in order to be secure.
  • Can de-energize in the event of a power outage, disabling security.
  • Expensive in comparison to mechanical locks and requires additional hardware for safe operation.