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Rolling Gates

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We have been in the business of doors and gates for many years, installing and providing and repairing a full line of high quality aluminum and steel rolling door products to fit virtually any requirements. Today, Harlem Doors is establishing operations all over New York City. Harlem Doors NYC combines the strength of a dual-faced design with the light weight of aluminum material to produce a high quality roll-up door which offers durability and futuristic appearance.
Harlem Doors offers various duty-cycle rated doors, rolling gates and grilles to meet the needs and budgets of each building owner or tenant. Harlem Doors have products that are suitable for the most demanding conditions of heavy industrial settings, maximum-security environments, and high-frequency usage. Harlem Doors NYC doors are very popular products, value engineered for normal commercial applications. The doors and grilles combine quality design and lighter weight construction to offer an economical product for the most cost conscious buyer. Harlem Doors NYC products combine door and grille features with more compact designs for service counters and other small openings. Decades of product design and manufacturing experience enable us to provide custom products to comply with special design and unique installation requirements.